One of the Günter Thiele Foundation's aims is to make the Institute of communication and media science at University of Leipzig more international. It has organized various international exchange programs between the University of Leipzig and partner universities. At the moment the University of Leipzig has exchange programs with Scripps College at Ohio University in Athens, USA, and with the Hong Kong Baptist University. The exchange programs are for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Institute of...also has connections to 18 universities across Europe via the Erasmus program.

Capstone Classes

Scripps College at Ohio University in Athens and the University of Leipzig have had a close relationship/have been working together closely since the 1990s. During previous summer terms students of the the master's program in Communication Management have participated in week long visits to Ohio University ("Capstone Classes"). Students get the opportunity to experience student and university life in the US and also to discuss recent developments in the field/in communication management from an international perspective. In 2015 the Hong Kong Baptist University joined the program to form a triangle exchange between students in Athens, Hong Kong and Leipzig.

The Capstone Classes allow students to gain a better understanding of international strategic communication beyond the curriculum of their home universities. The students also benefit from having contact to/meeting like-minded people in the US and Asia.


Future Science Leaders Triangle Research Workshop

In November 2015 the first "Future Science Leaders Triangle Research Workshop" took place at the Hong Kong Baptist University. PhD students, Post-Docs and Junior professors from Ohio University, University of Leipzig and Hongkong Baptist University participated and developed ideas for international research projects.