The Günter Thiele Research Scholarship for Doctoral Students

  • The Günter Thiele Foundation's research scholarship is intended to promote active participation of young academics in scientific congresses and conferences in the field of communication management, public relations and strategic communication at the University of Leipzig.
  • Applications are open to doctoral students in the Communication Management department at the University of Leipzig.
  • Chaired by Prof. Dr. Günter Bentele (University of Leipzig, Deputy Chairman of the Günter Thiele Foundation Board of Trustees), the jury also includes Prof. Dr. Bernd Schuppener (University of Leipzig, Chairman of the Günter Thiele Foundation Board of Trustees) and Dr. Christine Viertmann (Günter Thiele Foundation Office).
  • The jury awards a sum of EUR 1,500.
  • Press release on the award ceremony

Prize holders 2022

Jeanne Link

Jeanne Link: Business Models for Communication Departments & Ethical Dilemmas in Digital Communication

Jeanne Link received the Research Scholarship for Doctoral Students for two scientific articles on "Business models for communication departments: A comprehensive approach to analyze, explain and innovate communication management in organizations” and "Ethical dilemmas in digital communication – An empirical investigation on ethical decision-making processes." She presented the first full paper at the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) in Orlando, Florida, in March 2022, transferring the established management concept of the business model to communications management. The paper, published jointly with Prof. Ansgar Zerfaß, presents a new framework for research and practice. The second scientific article describes ethical dilemmas in digital communication and is based on the master's thesis written by Link, which has already been awarded the Günter Thiele Prize 2021.